“The Queens of Clean” is truly what we live up to when it comes to residential cleaning. As professional cleaners, we understand the importance of a clean home. A tidy, clean, and organized home allows you to fully function in all other areas of life. Your home should be your comfort zone and the place you go to feel safe. When it is untidy, that comfort goes away. Allow us to clean your home and help make your safe place comfortable again!

Sharie’ Maid cleaning is here to help make your life easier! Everyday chores and cleaning around the house can become a hassle with all the other activities throughout the day. Work, school, extra activities, kids, and whatever else your day entails can make life busy. Let’s face it, cleaning your home is just not on the priority list. Our team goes above and beyond to help you keep your home clean!


There are so many benefits to hiring a cleaning service like ours for your home. Hiring Sharie’ Maid Cleaning allows you more free time to fulfill your responsibilities, or even just relax. Even if you have time to clean your own home, it is still beneficial to have a professional company come and properly sanitize it. We have developed some of the best cleaning processes and techniques to ensure you receive high-quality results!

Removing Dirt

Dirt within your home can affect multiple things. It not only shows up on floors and other hard surfaces; it also clogs air filters and causes more dust to collect. It can bring on more allergies and germs than you would ever want!

Protecting Against Infectious Agents

Homes can be breeding grounds for viruses and other infectious agents. This is especially true in homes with kids and animals. These agents can live on any hard surfaces and high traffic areas. Your door handles, light switches, appliances, etc. are the perfect place for these to live. It takes proper cleaning and sanitation to rid your home of these!

Providing Great Hygiene

Hygiene begins in the home. We learn at a young age that hygiene is an essential part of maintaining our health. The same can be said for our homes. A hygienic home is a healthy home.


An organized home is beneficial in so many ways! It saves time and money, helps remove stress, lets your mind stay clear, etc. When your home is organized you can function at a greater capacity in all other areas of life.


Our team also helps to make the process of cleaning your home more convenient. We bring our own cleaning supplies, equipment, and a list of what needs to be done. We will also work with you to ensure all of your needs and standards for cleaning are met! Our team is also insured to cover any damage or accidents.

Our service for your residence includes the average household cleaning checklist. This list includes:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Living Rooms
  • All Common Areas
  • Appliances
  • Floors

At your request, we can add additional service. These include and are not limited to:

  • Cleaning and organizing refrigerators
  • The inside of ovens
  • Interior windows
  • Cleaning and organizing cabinets/pantries
  • Sanitization
  • Laundry (washing, drying, folding)
  • Organizing

Share your specific wants and needs and we can customize the perfect plan for you!



We are experienced and trained on how to properly and efficiently clean your home. We strive to ensure you find comfort in our services and help you bring your home to its greatest potential! As we have already shared, we want you to see our team as part of your family. As a family, we are passionate about helping you get your home in order! We understand your needs and seek to partner with you to lift the weight of cleaning your home off of your shoulders. Let us help carry that burden, just as a family would!

We understand that it can be difficult to find a trustworthy and dependable cleaning service for your home. Your home is the place that you want to keep safe, comfortable, and protected. Look no further than our team! We can offer each of these things with our cleaning services. Each member of our team is properly trained and trusted with the skills it takes to bring your home quality and efficient cleaning! We not only want to bring more ease to your life but also support you in your vision for a clean and sanitized home!



We service facilities in all of Lee County and neighboring areas. We want to hear from you and help you find the right commercial cleaning services! You can trust our results and our excellent team in providing you with cleaning that meets your standards. We are at your service and your input and specifications matter! Your facility deserves to have our professionals clean it and help maintain a happy and healthy environment. Allow us to partner with you and together we can ensure that your business, school, restaurant, etc. functions at its greatest capability.